Canadian Music Week finished on Saturday, June 11th.  I saw (and hugged-oh, how I missed hugging) a lot of folks I haven’t seen in a long time and met some new cool and interesting people. I also met some not so cool people.  For four days, I took time away from my day gig to volunteer, mostly in Mentors Café as a co-host.  Here’s a few of those standout cool and interesting people I met.

Maie Pauts – one of my all-time favourite Radio Hosts, currently on BOOM 97.3.  Maie’s even nicer in person than on the air!

Gary Taylor and Michelle Falcone – my co-hosts in Mentors Café.  The amount of work that goes behind pulling this off is so surreal and immense, you have no idea.  Mentors Café was great and so was International Marketplace. Gary needs to drink less coffee though.

Patrick Smith from NastyNation Management – a newbie to the biz.  We were both chilling in a lounge area and started talking.  OK, I did most of the talking/lecturing.  Here’s the thing though, Patrick listened, and sent me an email on Sunday morning to follow up, just like I suggested.  Follow up, follow up, follow up. Two snaps for Patrick!

Coming Up Roses from Singapore – I can always spot a parent in the audience. it’s like radar. Met the band and the guitarist’s mom and had them all over to my place on Sunday.  Great band and fantastic people. They are like Alvvays with a more rocking vibe. 

The top cool person?  Cody Bowles, lead singer and drummer from Crown Lands.  What an honour to hang together for a bit at the Revival.  I can’t stop gushing about Cody.  Seriously, Cody has got to be one of the kindest souls on this planet, not to mention one of the best singer/drummers on this planet.

Not so cool ones?  The ones who grab your phone, to scan their QR code to enter their info on your phone.  WTF people?  Fine, have your QR code, but spend the $30 and get some business cards made too.  Give folks a choice.

I did have one soul crushing experience.  I reintroduced myself to someone, a person who I have already met.  This did not go well, and I felt like a bug being stomped on and decimated into dust. I got over it after a few beers.  Everyone rolls differently, and sometimes we need to accept that, even if we don’t like it.  It’s experiences like this that teach us and make us stronger. (Yes, I am sounding a little Carrie Underwood here).

Lastly, CMW sent an email blast to thank everyone.  Everyone, EXCEPT THE VOLUNTEERS AND MENTORS!  Huh. Oversight maybe? Well, I am here to thank all my fellow Volunteers and Mentors, so two snaps and see you next year!