Note: This should make fans of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy” happy. I’ve decided to substitute “zark” for a certain word that ends with “k”. Given my “day gig” I’ve gotta keep it kinda clean folks! Don’t forget my new ITAM details-Irrelevant Things About Me!

Ingrid: When you started out in high school, you were playing in basements and garages. What piece of advice would you give to kids out there, who want to form a band today?

Luke: You need to write good “zarking” songs! There’s lots of trial and error, and your songs need to be awesome, not just OK. Keep trying, cuz you are your own boss, and when it clicks, you will know! Your goals also need to be flexible, and you have to keep an open mind as to what success means to you. It’s like planting seeds.

Ingrid: I read somewhere that you and your buddies liked to “blow up shit up in the woods” in the Dundas area.(ITAM-I was sent to pick berries at my aunt’s farm in Dundas in my teens by my mom to straighten me out-actually ran into Ian Astbury at a party I snuck out to go to. Thanks mom!)

Luke: This is true! (no elaboration)

Ingrid: When did you start playing guitar?

Luke: I started around 12 or so with Mike Trebilcock from The Killjoys. In fact, his wife Lena is my art instructor. I consider myself fortunate because I had people around me to fan the flames. Sure, I had day gig jobs, your standard stuff. Barista, construction, fry cook, shelf stocker, but nothing really lasted long because I only gave a “zark” about music. My sister thought that I could never hold down a job. Ha! (ITAM- I worked nights at a Donut Café in London ON, dipping and icing donuts-I was a pro!)

Ingrid: I saw you guys at the Opera House pre-Covid. What the “zark” is with Ross? Playing in bare feet?

Luke: Yup. It depends on the night though, and whether or not he did his “zarking” laundry.

Ingrid: You guys are getting a lot of airplay with F___ Art. What’s the secret’s sauce?

Luke: I’ve got a “zarking” energetic team, and we write great “zarking” songs. But we don’t make songs intended to get airplay. I “zarking” hate streaming platforms. The rates are bullshit and I think it’s democratic bootlicking.

Ingrid: OK the money question. When you guys got your first serious pay cheque, what went through your head? Spend, save or a combo?

Luke: Oh, spend for sure. But I was only 22 or 23. It took a few years to come around to saving some.

Ingrid: Last question. Your dog, Leo. He has got to be the best “zarking” singing dog I’ve ever heard! Will he be on the next album?

Luke: He’s my buuuddddy! It’s funny, when I sing falsetto, it really gets him going! Not just him but other dogs. It’s a riot. I’ve written a song about him, and “zark” yeah, it’ll be on the next album.