2020…Watch Out, Here I Come


I hate resolutions.  They are so stupid, not sustainable, and when they are broken, which they will be, you feel like crap.  Like, I am going to workout everyday for an hour. Yeaaahh, sure you are.  That may last for what, a week? Two weeks tops?

Since it’s a new decade how about we look at things in a new way? A little more of this and a little less of that?  Here’s my top 5 more-less ideas for 2020 for you to try.

  1. Be more kind, less crusty. It’s good for your soul.  Say good morning to someone. Try to make one stranger smile every day. Hold a door open. Call or text your mom.  Exercise grocery karma. You got a cart full and the person behind you only has milk? Let them go first, and smile! 
  2. Move more, sit less. We spend way too much time on our butts and on our phones.  Get off yer butt and get moving!  Its good for your heart health. 250 steps an hour folks.
  3. Save more, spend less. Yes, even yours truly is going to commit to this. Do you really need another black t-shirt? Probably not.  Do I really need shellac manicures and eyelash extensions all year round?  That’s a tough one, but no I don’t.   What if you cut your beer consumption when you go out by 4 beers a weekend and save that in an investment that earns 5%?  Do you know how much you will have after 2 years? Over $4,400.  5 years? Almost $12,000.  Will you miss those 4 beers each weekend? Probably not. And you will wake up feeling good to boot.
  4. Cook more, dine out less. It’s much healthier, and more cost effective. Fast food is full of sodium and empty carbs anyways.  If you spend some time on cooking big batches of rice, or quinoa or whatever floats your boat, you can easily add vegetables and a protein for a quick meal.
  5. Compliment more, complain less. It’s so easy to zubble and grumble. But guess what?  You catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Be less toxic and more pleasant to others, including your family, especially your mom. (yes, there’s a mom theme here, and my kids will read this!)