Interview with THE Alan Cross

Interview with THE Alan Cross

Yes, THE Alan Cross.  Alan was gracious enough to meet me at the Corus studios to answer a few questions for this inaugural segment of Interview With the Vampire.  Alan knows just about everything there is to know about the Ongoing History of New Music and is super cool to boot.  I asked Alan 5 questions, 3 are relevant, and 2, well, they are just for curiosity.

Ingrid:   Hi Alan, thanks for taking the time to meet.  In my website, what I am trying to do is promote financial literacy amongst musicians.  What are your thoughts on that?

Alan:     I think its needed and is a great idea. I wish someone had offered this kind of service to me when I was younger.  I would be in a much better position today if someone had taken me aside and suggested saving even $50 a month.

Ingrid:   Why do you think that musicians should have some financial guidance and why is a financial plan important?

Alan:     Musicians live in a bubble, and musicians can get taken advantage of.  Even the Beatles in 1963 had a terrible manager.  Musicians live day to day, gig to gig, and even if they are making money, this will come to an end for them.  They have no pension, no safety net, and they need to start somewhere. A lot aren’t big on reading either, so they need that extra guidance and should seek the help of professionals.

Ingrid:   You spend a lot of time talking about how technology has changed the music industry.  Other than touring, what are the best ways for musician to make a buck today?

Alan:     Merchandise is one.  Also licensing their music in movies and commercials and airplay royalties.  Its not the 80’s anymore, and artists need to be creative.

Ingrid:   You seriously look almost the same as you did 25 years ago.  What’s your skincare regime?  Do you moisturize?

Alan:     No, I don’t, but maybe I should start.  I have the hide of an elephant, and I try to stay out of the sun.  My wife gets to have all the gray hair, I don’t have any.

Ingrid:   Well, that’s not fair.  Last question Alan.  I know you have 2 dogs.  If I were to ask them for a reference what do you think they would say about you?

Alan:     My dogs are very different.  For sure Squirt would say that I am competent at ball throwing and Schmooze would say that I am accomplished as an after dinner walking partner.

FUNFACT..Alan Cross graduated from the University of Toronto as a History Major!