The Jackson 5

Have you ever heard of Tom Jackson?  He’s not a long lost brother of these guys, but he is one of the best live music producers out there right now.  He helps artists communicate from the stage without compromising who they are.

I had the opportunity to meet Tom at Canadian Music Week in April, 2017, and attend his Xtreme Performance Makeover Workshop, where Tom transformed the stage performance of The Ascot Royals who performed their hit “The Best is Yet to Come.”

Without stealing too much of his thunder, here are my top 5 tips from Tom’s session (you get it now? The Jackson 5?)

  1. Your music is you commercial to see your shows. Anyone can record an album.  It’s all controllable, except your live show.  Just because you know how to play doesn’t mean you know how to perform.
  1. You need to make your shows appealing to your audience, connect emotionally with them, capture and engage them, have them experience moments, and make them super fans who will come and see you time and time again.
  1. You need to understand your audience, meet their needs. For example, when you go to a restaurant, there is someone there to greet you, seat you, and ask if you would like a drink.  It’s what you expect as a patron.  You don’t expect to be asked if you would like dessert the minute you walk in, do you?  Then don’t ask your audience to clap their hands or join in the chorus until at least 5 or 6 songs into your set.
  1. Relate your show to building a house. You need a plan, a vision. You need a foundation to create moments for your audience.  You need skills, tools, and materials.  Your songs may sound the same, but they should not look the same.  Then finally, move in.  Bring your personality to the show.
  1. Being self-conscious is the enemy of love. Whose adrenaline is flowing? Yours or the audience’s? Don’t be preoccupied, love your audience.  Let them know you are there for them.

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